Jayla has a true passion for Healing.

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Jayla has loved candles since she was a small child.   A Highly Sensitive Empath, her keen sense of smell led her through a journey of essential oil benefits as well as the healing benefits of those oils in candles as a way of overcoming depression and suicidal thoughts as a young adult.

In 2004, Jayla began making luxury
Eco-friendly candles, soaps, and lotions with her first natural line, Heaven Scent (this was before 'Eco-friendly' was a 'thing').  After teaching people how to make candles through the Learning Annex for several years, Jayla began developing private label candles for small and large corporations throughout Los Angeles, specializing in one-of-a-kind candles with scent inspirations from her journeys to Israel, Egypt, and, Greece. 

When Jayla's not making candles, she's rescuing sex-trafficked teens from the streets of California, feeding the homeless, or chasing waterfalls in the mountains of California with her family.

As a personal survivor of sex-trafficking, I am proud to exclusively employ survivors of Child Sex -Trafficking . 
I personally mentor each on life-skills, entrepreneurship, and self-sufficiency to ensure they learn how to make money legally while gaining self-confidence  & self-worth.”  
— Jayla The Self Esteem Queen™

Our Candle Artisans


19 years old
Encino, CA

Amy has suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts since childhood.  After attempting to take her life and being placed in several mental health facilities, she ended up on the streets of Van Nuys where she was introduced to a pimp who took her across state lines to traffic her.  After being beat by her pimp, Amy escaped and sought refuge in a battered woman's shelter.  Amy has longed for gainful employment in a safe environment where she could learn how to run her own business.

Daily Affirmations

  • I'm thankful for second chances.
  • I will honor my body and my soul  is at peace.
  • I am made whole daily by my positive life choices.
  • I will not look back at my past and feel bad.


18 years old
Bell Gardens, CA

Lydia is the product of a broken home.  Her parents divorced when she was 5-years old, and her mother worked two jobs which left Lydia staying with relatives and babysitters - one of these people molested Lydia.  She turned to running away and ended up being trafficked at the age of 15.   Now 18 years old and a freshman at El Camino College, Lydia wants to be a social worker and regain a relationship with her mother and siblings who are currently in foster homes across Los Angeles County.

Daily Affirmations

  • Venceré toda desesperación pasada.
  • Mis posibilidades son infinitas. 
  • Yo determino mi futuro. 
  • Esperaré mis objetivos y no mi pasado.

Shaneika has been in and out of the county jail system due to drug convictions.  With two young children in foster care, Shaneika is working to regain custody of both children while maintaining legal employment as a condition of her probation.  Shaneika aspires to open a clothing boutique and use her passion for fashion to help other young women who are overcoming drug abuse.  Shaneika is working on enrolling in college to get a degree in fashion design.

Daily Affirmations

  • I will not let my past define me.
  • I can overcome any obstacle.
  • The power within me to succeed is stronger than fear. 
  • I am powerful.


19 years old
Compton, CA

Marissa is from Bel Aire, California.  Marissa ended up on the streets at 17-years old after her older brother had a drug debt he couldn't pay.  Not wanting to get her parents involved, she turned to chat lines and escorting to help her brother.  When Marissa was 19, her brother died of a drug overdose.  Marissa now wants to dedicate her life to teaching youth about the dangers of prescription drug use.

Daily Affirmations

  • I can achieve all of my dreams.
  • Forgiveness is my path to success.
  • I forgive myself for all of my past failures.
  • I will not let my past pain consume me.


20 years old
Bel Air, California

"Nola Nikki" hated life in the South and wanted to experience new adventures.  She hooked up with a man who lived in California and promised her a nice life and a new car.  She moved out West and ended up being forced to sleep with her man's friends to pay the rent.  She realized that this man only moved her to California to pimp her.  Since leaving, Nikki has been homeless, has lived in shelters, and is now on a waiting list for housing in the Venice/Santa Monica area.

Daily Affirmations

  • I won't let fear overtake my mind.
  • There are no struggles that are stronger than my will power.
  • I forgive each person who has betrayed me.
  • My body is healed and I am well.

"Nola Nikki"

20 years old
New Orleans, LA