Reviews from our clients and partners

Your wholesale pricing and customer service are both on point! We love our partnership with your company and look forward to working with you again in the near future.
— Alex Narazian - Studio City, CA
We appreciate your custom candles for our destination wedding. They were the perfect touch to our once in a lifetime night.
— Kristen Navaro - Honolulu, HI
Thank you so much for your healing candles. I needed to cleanse my house and I purchased a Fixed Candle and a healing box. It’s been 2 weeks and I’m feeling so much clarity in my mind and in my house.
— Sabrina Jaye - Detroit, MI
These candles are amazing & always the focal point of conversation in my spa.
— Le'Roy Pierre - Beverly Hills, CA
Your healing boxes have become my “go-to” gift for my friends this year. They have everything you need to cleanse your energy and get clarity in life.
Thank you.
— Marial Tanielian - Buckhead, GA
I found your head candle maker teaching women how to make candles on the streets downtown near skid row. I bought a candle because for the first time - I saw someone with a non-profit actually working with women teaching them how to get off of the streets.
Hats off to this company they walk what they talk.
— Damien Woodruff - Los Felix, CA
I ordered your candles through a fundraiser at my nephew’s school. The essential oils have been amazing for my young daughter with allergies. Finally something we can burn that’s safe for her to smell!
— Mandy Kerger - Las Vegas, NV