Monthly Candle Club

This private candle box club is one-of-a-kind. 
With a maximum of 200 members at any given time, these candles are handmade,
with monthly themes NOT being thought out but rather, on the energy of Jayla Baxter, our Master Chandler. 

Each month, you'll get a candle box, filled to the brim with different sized candles, each infused with essential oils. 

This monthly box is for the candle connoisseur. 
This box doesn't play games. 
This box is where Jayla gives her energy and attention. 

As an Energy Healer, this is the energy people pay to get for just one hour. 
You get a whole "monthly-session" for a fraction of the cost. 
That's why only 200 members get into the club.

We ONLY open our membership the 21st - 1st of each month. 
Candles are mailed out between the 15th and 17th of each month.

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When I realized the power of my energy, I learned to give it sparingly so more could experience it.

These candles are my monthly energy contribution to those who understand the power of energy transference. The space I hold when making these candles is sacred, and, I appreciate the monthly donation to the work I’ve dedicated my entire life to.
— Jayla The Self Esteem Queen

Just let me work my energy.

This is not a standard candle subscription service. Allow me the opportunity to show you where my energy leads my highest sense which is my sense of smell. I mix and make all of my essential oils and scents in-house and I use them for personal spiritual healing. I welcoem you to share an experience that is different.
— Jayla

These candles have a power I cannot explain.

You might get candles with crystals in them, candles with sage in them, candles for peace, candles for success, candles for energy...

Each month, there will be something new I will send to you and you will be a BETTER Human Being because of it.
— Jayla

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