Be-A Friend | Girl, It Gets Better!


Be-A Friend | Girl, It Gets Better!


Be-A Friend | Girl, It Gets Better!

Sometimes, you won’t hear from your good girlfriend and you might want to take it personal. Don’t worry - we’ve been there, thinking that a good girlfriend is “tripping” only to find out that she’s out here coping with all kinds of attacks. Give her this candle and remind her that all of her trials and God’s way of humbling and educating her. Let her know that you can sympathize/empathize with her, and then, hand her this candle and tell her that it does indeed get better.

This candle is for you, or, your good girlfriend who needs to be reminded that life gets better than the bad moment being experienced. There’s nothing better than a candle to Light The Mood.

The Scent:  Choose from the following:
Green Tea/Lemongrass
Lemon Verbena
Green Tea

Where your money goes:
100% of proceeds from this candle go to “Keep it real, or, just keep it: Emotional Intelligence for youth & young adults” - a project of The SEQ HOPE Foundation.

Our 8oz candles are perfect for an average sized room and have a burn time of up to 60 hours.  Each candle is hand poured with all natural, USA grown soy wax, eco cotton wicks, with premium hand-mixed Phthalate free fragrances,  and premium essential oils. Since soy wax is a natural material, each candle may have its own look, color, and/or texture.

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